I’m a Front-End Developer, currently located in Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K with over 6 years experience working with/in businesses and organisations across a range of fields, for example: pharmaceutical, education and gaming. I have a good understanding with both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and a strong working knowledge of version control (git).

I can provide a range of work, for example:

Bespoke Web Applications

Examples: Include:


Landing Pages


Fully Customised CMS Themes


My skills cover both front and back end development, with some design-based skills (examples included below).


Front-end Development

As a front-end developer I have experience in creating fully responsive, mobile-first websites which can be used across a range of devices and browsers (even the dreaded Internet Explorer). I aim to write clean, semantic code to ensure any performs at its best.

Examples of Front-end Languages Used


Back-end Development

As a back-end developer, I have previously developed a range of database-driven (MySQLi) systems using PHP (OOP), for example: student rewards systems with integrated gamification, computer booking systems and micro-blogging sites. All of which were developed to ensure they were fully content editable / manageable for the end-user.


Design-based Skills

I also own a DSLR camera and can provide media for usage within sites.

In addition, I have experience in using a range of creative professional software within Adobe Creative Cloud to maximise the impact of media to ensure it stands out, such as:



Please click here to download a copy of my C.V. (last updated November 2017)